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FOG & Bioremediation
At its Research and Development plant based in Bradenton,
Florida, Environmental Biotech International has spent the
last 20 years harnessing the power of live vegetative bacteria
to resolve even the most prolific FOG problems.
The result has been the development of a series of EPA
approved award winning technologies and products designed
to directly resolve sewerage issues plaguing the United
States with the Wall Street Journal reporting that in New
York alone, grease causes 5,000 sewer blockages a year, it is
no wonder EBI is consulting directly with Water Authorities
to address this issue.
(Grease Eradication
is the term EBI refers to as ‘Bioremediation’. Our
state-of-the-art technology harnesses the power of bio-
remediation, a natural process in which bacteria consume
grease and oil from drain lines, grease traps and interceptors.
These bacteria are non-toxic, non-pathogenic, live, and
vegetative. Best of all, the bacteria turn grease into harmless
carbon dioxide and water.
Using automated dosing systems, the Vegetative Bacteria
are routinely administered strategically at locations within
client premises to get the best effect. Servicing large fast-
food outlets, supermarkets, hotel and restaurant chains
throughout the United Staes, the resulting pattern is
remarkably similar – drain line failures become virtually
non-existent with expensive equipment replacement
costs minimized.
For those companies that share Environmental Biotech’s
commitment to preserving the environment, removing FOG,
which causes untold environmental damage, is of the
upmost importance.
“We have been servicing commercial establishments across
the United States now for several years. In that time we have
never come across a system quite as effective at alleviating
FOG and drain fly issues as GES
.” Jeff Moody, Mr. Rooter
Plumbing Corporate HQ.
Not sure if you have a grease problem? EBI’s DipStick-Pro
is the world’s best professional core sampler and enables you
to accurately determine the amount of FOG in grease traps,
grease interceptors and lift stations.
Constructed with corrosion resistant machined aluminum and
impact resistant resin, this cutting edge technology features
a replaceable wear tip and is available in a standard 10 foot (2
pieces) length featuring our new Quick Coupling System.
FPS (Fine Particle Strainer)
Did you know – an average restaurant will wash almost
2 pounds of solids down the drain daily, if not more!
The FPS dramatically reduces drain blockages, reactive call-
outs and costly surcharges.
Used by coffee shops and delicatessens throughout the
U.S, our Fine Particle Strainer (FPS) is a cost effective low
maintenance system that removes 99% of food or organic
debris particles from sink fittings before they pass into the
drainage system.
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