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FOG & Bioremediation
(Sugar Eradication
Using the same ‘bio-remediation’ process as GES
but with specific strains of bacteria designed to destroy
sugar and starch build up, restaurants, hotels, leisure
complexes,fast-food outlets and malls across the U.S are
able to resolve sugar related blockages.
Soft drinks machines send excess sugar into the drainage
system. Once there, the wastes settle and accumulate
until they completely block pipes. It is the resulting build-
up of high Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Total
Suspended Solids (TSS) from sugars and starch that can
result in expensive plumbing bills and surcharges the SES
systems are installed. In the same way as the GES
dosing systems are introduced at strategic locations
within client premises to prevent build-up.
Specialists in Odor Control
If bad odors are plaguing your establishment, ask us
to investigate what is causing the problem. It could be
coming from a number of areas other than just drains.
Our Products are effective in combating odors in the air,
on surfaces, storage areas, sewage vents, containers,
manholes and even within the restroom.
With have a broad range of odor eliminators, misting and
fogging products, fresh discs, along with other solutions
that can be used to help with stale odors, but here is a
selection of some of our ‘landmark’ products.
UES (Urine Elimination System)
Environmental Biotech’s UES, aptly known as Flow Fresh
also harnesses the power of live vegetative bacteria. The
Flow Fresh
dispensing system directly dispenses bacteria
into urinals and destroys uric acid crystals (UAC) that build up
in drain lines and cause blockages. Timed dispensers deliver
adequate doses depending on urinal usage. Flow Fresh
screens placed neatly within each urinal aid the transition of
the formula, which significantly reduces the amount of times
urinals need to be ‘flushed’ clean.
There is now no need to spend a fortune on redecorating
a room to turn it from a smoking room into a nonsmoking
room. It’s as easy as a single can of Vaporize
. Quite simply,
simply ‘fogs’ an entire room getting rid of all
offensive stale smells, making it ideal in hotels, restaurants,
care homes and anywhere where people congregate.
Drain Blast (for odor and drain
fly control)
Drain Blast is an easy-to-use, tablet which degrades and
simply disrupts the habitat that flies require for reproduction.
Quite simply, it removes the food source for flies as well as
other insects, including cockroaches and vermin.
Drain Blast can also be added to mop buckets to wash
floors, since it destroys organic material found in cracks and
crevices in much the same way as it destroys insect
food sources.