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Grease Traps
Environmental Biotech’s Grease Trap Maintenance ensures
regular cleaning, pumping out and deodorizing whenever
required. Over time, if you use our Grease Eradication
Service, you should experience a lot fewer problems with
grease, irrespective of the size of your grease trap.
As part of our Grease Eradication Service, we can inspect
your grease traps and/or interceptors. We visually inspect
the grease trap, take PH readings and then sample the
contents. We will sort the problem
Not sure if you have a grease problem? EBI’s Dipstick-Pro
is the world’s best professional core sampler and enables
you to accurately determine the amount of FOG in grease
traps, grease interceptors and lift stations.
Constructed with corrosion resistant machined aluminum
and impact resistant resin, this cutting edge technology
features a replaceable wear tip and is available in a
standard 10 foot (2 pieces) length featuring our new
Quick Coupling System.
Pump Stations
The pump stations on a site collect and move sewerage
on. Over time, if pumps are not subject to a thorough
maintenance regime, they will suffer. Rags or other
material may also damage the impellers; FOG may also
cause pumping stations to fail due to clogged floats and
pumps. Environmental Biotech has a division specializing in
pumping stations, offering the following services:
• Comprehensive system check on a regular basis
• Removal of FOG
• Cleaning and pumping out the station
• Full pump repairs, replacement and maintenance through
our wastewater engineering division
• Electrical system check and repairs
• New installation of a full system, if required.
Reactive Maintenance
There are times when blockages are caused by foreign
objects other than FOG, such as paper towels, hand
wipes and steel wool. This is why Environmental Biotech
International provides a 24/7 reactive call-out, jetting and
drain cleaning service for its clients.
Provided exclusively to its own clients, Environmental
Biotech’s highly qualified network of service technicians
operate high pressure jetting equipment to deal with most
blockages extremely quickly to bring drains back into
working order.
This service also includes drains that have been blocked as
a result of stormy weather where silt and debris has caused
a blockage, which can result in car park flooding and untold
damage to facilities.
Pumping & Maintenance
Service & Maintenance