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Consulting & Education
Our business was born out of waste water processing
problems over 20 years ago. During this period Environmental
Biotech International has become a leading education provider
on wastewater issues.
Over the years, EBI has played a pivotal role in influencing in
State Government and EPA findings and responses to FOG.
Most recently, EBI held a Grease Summit in association
with The American Public Works Association (APWA)
in Washington State and has been working with water
authorities throughout the U.S. to get FOG under control
once and for all.
The Grease Summit
Traditionally, engineering for FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease)
laden waste streams has not been addressed in the U.S
‘engineering curriculum’. This has resulted in a widespread
variance of opinions on engineering, maintenance, and
governance concerning FOG matters. Some of the opinions
are just that, and much of the efforts in FOG control, by
publically owned treatment works, do not tackle the problem
at source.
EBI formed an educational seminar in the early 1990s called
“The Grease Summit”. Now in its 20th Year, the all-day
program takes the participants through the chemical and
physical characteristics of FOG, through to pre-treatment
technologies, design and engineering for separation
technology, maintenance considerations, and inspection
protocols through to Governance.
In fact, Governance underpins every aspect of the Summit,
with a concluding session devoted entirely to codification and
governance. With a focus on major sewer-spill abatement
initiatives, water authorities are able to see exactly how they
can relieve the burden on their sewers.
Pre-Treatment Seminars
Our educational seminars can be custom fit to individual
company needs, allowing participants to receive only the
specific areas of knowledge required.
EBI has implemented a series of seminars for Pre-treatment
Specialists on Grease Trap Monitoring with the usage of
the DipStick Pro
, a core sampling device for accurate
measurements of the grease, oils and solids within the grease
trap. In addition to being trained on how to use the DipStick
, participants are also shown how to:
• Prevent grease trap FOG build-up
• Implement FOG Best Management Practices
• Structure and prepare an ordinance
• Review grease trap designs.
“The Grease Summit training was very effective in
giving our inspectors a comprehensive introduction
to Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) as well as specific
skills that pertain directly to our location and the
types of grease removal devices (GRDs) and FSEs
that we will be encountering as we implement our
FOG Program. I am very happy that we chose to
use Environmental Biotech for our training and now
feel confident as we begin implementing our FOG
Program with your company to use as a resource.”
Danielle McPherson, Ross Valley Sanitation District,
San Rafael, CA, Environmental Compliance/Safety