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Waste to H
O & Energy
When removed from the sewers and grease traps, FOG (Fats,
Oils, and Grease) end up predominantly in landfill. At landfill,
there is a cost to accept and dispose of it. In the U.S, this cost
ranges from 0.08 cents to 0.26 cents per gallon depending on
the state.
Having been awarded the title of ‘Industry Excellence of Year’
at the Manatee County Business Awards for its ability to turn
FOG into bio fuel, water, carbon dioxide and small amount of
organic residue, EBI’s GreaseSafe
is proof that FOG can be
used to improve the environment rather than damage it!
Designed by scientists at EBI’s research and development
plant, GreaseSafe
converts what was once landfill material
into bio fuel, and water that is clean enough to be discharged
into the municipal sewer systems, where it would be treated
and put back into the water table to be reused.
The system can be built for factories, water treatment
works, and municipalities, alleviating the issues with FOG.
Numerous municipalities have ordinances that mandate
pumping of grease traps, but they do not have a viable
solution of disposing of this waste. FOG discharged directly
to the municipalities waste treatment plant can lead to costly
problems and repairs. GreaseSafe
is the solution to this
For factories, all FOG will be treated on site, with the end
result being water discharged direct to the sewer, eliminating
the transporting of FOG and landfill where it would have been
taken, while significantly reducing surcharges assessed on
their wastewater effluent.
“By being sustainable Environmental
Biotech has maximized efficiencies,
reduced overhead costs and created
a business environment within our
community to be emulated by others.
You are now among an elite group
of businesses that can assist others
to grow “green”. In addition, your
products/technology provide
environmental services that reduce the
carbon footprint in great fashion to the
We gratefully appreciate what your
business does to preserve our precious
natural resources while providing
environmentally responsible energy
solutions as well as protecting our
unique quality of life.”
Neil Spiritas
Vice President
– Public Policy and Small Business,
Manatee Chamber of Commerce